Internet of Things, more commonly known as IOT, are all the devices that we use daily to control other devices via the internet. Unknowingly IOT has taken over our lives and is becoming more and more popular. IOT is so trendy nowadays, simply because they make our lives better. 

Find beneath the information about how the internet of things (IOT) remains part of our daily life:

Wearables such as smartwatch, activity tracker, and smart glass are the trend of the moment. But little we know that the wearables form part of the internet of things. These devices can keep track of our health monitoring, be our fitness assistance, and even be our guide.

Smart Home
Whenever travelling out, our home has perpetually been a concern for us. Fortunately, with the internet of things, we can control everything in our house at a remote distance. Somehow we can say that the future is here. From your smartphone, you can control lighting, fridge, offer food to your pets and even lock your doors.

The logistics field has been the pioneer of IOT, more precisely, freight and shipping agencies. We may have never imagined how we can track the journey of our orders. Well, freight and shipping agencies have been using BLE tags to the parcel. With IOT, the agencies are also able to monitor the condition of the cargo, estimated time delivery, and the exact location of their vehicles.


Internet of things is beneficial in our lives in many other ways such as:

  • Health monitoring
  • Smart electrical control and save energy
  • Home and Office Security
  • Stock alert for warehouse
  • Watering and fertilisation automation

To sum it up, with all the benefits provided by the internet of things, we can expect more devices and appliances will be integrated with the same technology. Hence, we will be more dependent on the Internet of Things.