The approach to how people access, store and use information changed with the advent of technology. Action plans now have adequate information to guide their development and implementation. However, the information gathered needs to be analyzed and interpreted before it can be used. It is almost impossible for a human being to work on such voluminous information alone. Here are some tools that are used for Big Data.


Cloudera is arguably the fastest and most secure big data platforms at the moment. This open source Apache Hadoop distribution has the capability of developing and training data models. Cloudera is suitable to cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. This tool allows users to spin or terminate data clusters. This implies that they only pay for what they need and when they need it. It provides real-time insights for data monitoring, detection and an enterprise type of hybrid cloud solution.


Data visualization and info graphics are the new norm. Info graphics are much better than images. Lumify is great for data visualization and providing graphical representation of information. It supports most cloud services including AWS. You should know that Lumify is a very fast and secure data analysis and visualization tools.


MongoDB is an advanced alternative to modern databases as it uses documents and collections instead of rows and columns. It is an open-source NoSQL database used for storing large volumes of data. MongoDB is best suited to companies who need quick and accurate results while working with real-time data. It is often used for storing data gotten from mobile apps, product catalogs and content management systems.

In addition, users can store any type of data using this tool and prepare data quickly. MongoDB enables users index document fields and support ad-hoc queries to enhance the quality of searches.


While most Big Data tools work with data from a single server, Cassandra takes it a notch higher by handling large amounts of data across different servers. Despite being developed by Facebook as a NoSQL solution, it is now used by the likes of Netflix and Twitter. Working with different servers can be risky but Cassandra reads, writes and duplicates data on every node so there is no room for failure.

This means that users can always retrieve lost or damaged data. Cassandra has a very easy to use and hassle-free query language. This tool has inbuilt security measures to ensure protection as well as tools that detect and recover of failed nodes.


Datawrapper is a data visualization platforms that has endeared new outlets to itself. This open source data visualization software helps users to generate simple, precise and embeddable charts at very high speeds. This very interactive tool that puts all your charts in one place. It’s very easy to use, customize and explore.


While Big Data tools focus on storage and analysis, OpenRefine focuses on converting data into different formats. It also cleans data and extend your data set to different web services. While OpenRefine allows users to convert data formats, it also enables users to import data in different formats and convert them to more suitable formats.

This tool performs cell transformation as well as handle cells with multiple data values. Refine Expression Language allows users to perform advanced data operations and to explore huge sets data sets within seconds in a hassle-free manner.

Apache Storm

Apache Storm is a real-time data processing tool that can be integrated with any programming language. This tool has massive scalability and will keep operating unless the user shuts it down. It can be used by medium and large-scale data organizations as it is a flexible and robust open source data tool.

Apache Storm performs end-to-end delivery response, refreshes data in seconds and guarantees data processing irrespective of what happens to the nodes. Even if there is a failure, the Apache Storm ensures that each node is processed at least once.

Big Data Education with Le Wagon

Le Wagon is a coding and data science academy that provides remote educational services to its students worldwide. It is currently offering a coding boot camp with other data science courses. By checking, you can visit the website to enroll in any of its data courses. Students can also learn how to use the various Big Data tools, those require coding as well as those that don’t.